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    Appliance quality has been deteriorating significantly during the last 10 years. Gone are the days when your appliances used to last for decades. Nowadays the average appliance might need service after 2-3 years. Although today you have more brands then ever to choose from, the reality is that there are basically four major appliance manufacturers in the world. This has caused a lack of competition which of course affects the quality of any product. Add to that the outsourced production and poorly designed parts that look more like planned obsolescence rather than incompetence.

    At House Appliance Repairs we understand that this adds a lot of expenses, and it makes it especially harder for about 50% of the people who nowadays are living paycheck to paycheck. Therefore, we have thought of a number of ways to make it easier for you. First, we offer Free Quotes over  the phone/sms/e-mail, and a technician will contact you with your preferred contact method (phone, text, e-mail). Our technicians can provide you with a detailed quote for parts and labor. based on the issue and model of the appliance, Do-It-Yourself tips and advise on how to move forward. Also, for our regular customers we have created a Loyalty Program, so on the 5th visit you get a Free Service Call or $75 towards repair. We are also planning to start a blog with free Do-It-Yourself repair tutorials with a comment section where you can ask for additional help, so make sure you keep an eye on our Blog for the next updates.

    For more information, call us via 215 444 9988, text to 267-333-6884 or write us at info@houseappliancerepairs.com