• Type B Refrigerator Labor Rates

  • Below you can find our Labor Rates based on the condition or parts needed to replace.

    Labor rates for Type B Refrigerator/Wine Cooler repairs are divided in three categories based on difficulty and time required to do the repair:

    1. Basic Refrigerator Repair_________$209
    2. Advanced Refrigerator Repair______$249
    3. Specialized Refrigerator Repair_____Flat Rate (Parts&Labor)

    Note: Additional rates may apply if there is additional work required to get to the appliance.

  • Refrigerator/Wine Cooler Labor Rates by Parts or Conditions

    Parts/ConditionsLabor Rates
    Clogged and Frozen Drain$209-$249
    Clogged Cooling SystemFlat Rate - Varies
    Closing Cam$209-$249
    CompressorFlat Rate - Varies
    Condenser Fan Motor$209
    Control Board$209
    Defrost Control Board / Defrosting Required$209 - $249
    Defrost Kit / Defrosting Required$209 - $249
    Defrost Heater/ Defrosting Required$209/$249
    Defrost Thermostat/Defrosting Required$209/$249
    Display Control Board$209
    Dirty/Clogged Condenser Coils$209
    Dispenser Heater$209
    Dispenser Switch$209
    Door Bracket$209-$249
    Door Gasket$209-$249
    Drain Heater$209
    Door Hinge$209-$249
    Door Switch$209
    Drain Pan$249
    Drain Strap$249
    Evaporator Fan Motor$209
    Fan Blade$209
    Filter Housing$209
    Ice Level Control$209
    Ice Maker$209
    Ice Maker Module$209
    Ice Maker Switch$209
    LED Control$209
    Light Bulb$75 (Service Call)
    Light Socket$209
    Low Freon$209 + Freon
    Low Water Supply$209-$249
    Main Control Board$209
    Mold Thermostat$209
    Temperature Control Thermostat$209
    Timer/ Defrosting Required$209/$249
    Power Issue/Shorted Wire$209-$249
    Sensor + Drain Cleaning$249
    Shorted Wire$209-$249
    Start Relay/Starter Kit$209
    Water Filter$75 (Service Call)
    Water Line$209
    Water Tank$209
    Water Valve$209

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