• Type D Oven Labor Pricing

  • Below you can find our Labor Rates based on the condition or part needed to replace.

    Labor rates for Type D High-End & Custom Oven repairs are divided in three categories based on difficulty and time required to do the repair:

    1. Basic Oven Repair_________$279
    2. Advanced Oven Repair______$389
    3. Specialized Oven Repair_____Varies (Applies to Certain Models only)

    Note 1: When Uninstalling Wall Ovens or moving heavy ovens is necessary to do the repair, Labor Rates start at $389 and might be affected by the way the Oven was installed.

    Note 2: Additional rates may apply if there is additional work required to get to the appliance.

  • High-End & Custom Oven Labor Pricing By Parts or Conditions

    Parts/ConditionsLabor Rates
    Bake Element$279
    Bake Igniter$279
    Broil Element$279
    Broil Igniter$279
    Burnt / Shorted Wire$279 - $389
    Control Board$279
    Convection Element$279
    Convection Motor$279
    Display Board$279
    Door Lock$279
    Door Hinge$389
    Door Hinge Reciver$389
    Fan Motor$279
    Fuse or Thermostat$279
    Gas Valve$389
    Gas Regulator$389
    Heating Element$279
    Incoming Power Issue$279-$389
    Infinite Switch$279
    Locked Keypad$75 (Service Call)
    Radiant Surface Element$389
    Selector Switch$279
    Shorted Wire$279-$389
    Solid Element$389
    Spark Electrode$279
    Spark Module$279
    Surface Element$389
    Temperature Control Thermostat$279
    Temperture Thermostat$279
    Terminal Block$279
    Wire Harness$279-$389

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