• Double Wall Oven Labor Rates

  • Below you can find our Labor Rates based on the condition or part needed to replace.

    Labor rates for Double Wall Oven repairs are divided in two categories based on difficulty and time required to do the repair:

    1. Basic Oven Repair_________$229
    2. Standard Oven Repair______$329

    Note 1: When Uninstalling Double Wall Ovens is necessary to do the repair, Labor Rates start at $329 and might be affected by the way the Wall Oven was installed.

    Note 2: Additional rates may apply if there is additional work required to get to the appliance.

  • Double Wall Oven Labor Rates By Parts or Conditions

    Parts/ConditionsLabor Rates
    Bake Element$229
    Bake Igniter$229
    Broil Element$229
    Broil Igniter$229
    Burnt / Shorted Wire$229 - $329
    Control Board$229
    Convection Element$229
    Convection Motor$229
    Display Board$229
    Door Lock$229
    Door Hinge$329
    Door Hinge Reciver$329
    Fan Motor$229
    Fuse or Thermostat$229
    Gas Valve$329
    Gas Regulator$329
    Heating Element$229
    Incoming Power Issue$229-$329
    Infinite Switch$229
    Locked Keypad$75 (Service Call)
    Selector Switch$229
    Shorted Wire$229-$329
    Solid Element$329
    Spark Electrode$229
    Spark Module$229
    Surface Element$329
    Temperature Control Thermostat$229
    Temperture Thermostat$229
    Terminal Block$229
    Wire Harness$229-$329

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