• Type B Dryer Labor Rates

  • Below you can find our Labor Rates based on the condition or part needed to replace.

    Labor rates for Type B Dryer repairs are divided in two categories based on difficulty and time required to do the repair:

    1. Standard Dryer Repair ______$189
    2. Advanced Dryer Repair______$229

    Note: Additional rates may apply if there is additional work required to get to the appliance.

  • Dryer Labor Pricing By Parts or Conditions

    Part/ConditionLabor Rates
    Blower Wheel$229
    Circuit Breaker$189
    Control Board$189
    Door Switch$189
    Drive Belt$189
    Drive Motor$229-$229
    Drum Front Bearing$189
    Drum Rear Bearing$229
    Drum Roller(s)$189-$229
    Drum Roller Axle$189-$229
    Flame Sensor$189
    Heating Element$189
    Gas Valve$229
    Gas Valve Solenoid$189
    Idler Pulley$189
    Incoming Gas Issue$229-229
    Incoming Power Issue$189
    Lint Filter$189
    Maintenance Kit$229
    Moisture Sensor$189
    Power Issue$189
    Shorted Wire$189-$229
    Something Stuck$189
    Start Switch$189
    Terminal Block$189
    Thermal Fuse/Thermostat$189
    Vent Service$75-$159

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