• Dishwasher Labor Rates

  • Below you can find our Labor Rates based on the condition or part needed to replace.

    Labor rates for Dishwasher repairs are divided in three categories based on difficulty and time required to do the repair:

    1. Basic Dishwasher Repair_________$179
    2. Standard Dishwasher Repair______$209
    3. Advanced Dishwasher Repair______$249

    Note 1: If Uninstalling the dishwasher is required to do the repair, labor rates start at $179 and they might be affected by the way the dishwasher was installed.

    Note 2: Additional rates may apply if there is additional work required to get to the appliance.

  • Parts/ConditionsLabor Rates
    Circuit Breaker$209
    Check Valve$179
    Circulating Pump$209
    Clogged Pump$179
    Clogged Pump; Filters; Spray Arms$179
    Control Board$179
    Delivery Tube$179
    Display Board$179
    Door Catch$179
    Door Gasket$179
    Door Hinges$209
    Door Latch$179
    Door Strike$179
    Drain Hose$209
    Drive Motor$209-$249
    Drain Pump$179
    Error CodeVaries
    Float Switch$179
    Heating Element$209
    Hinge Receiver$209
    Locked Keypad$75 (Service Call)
    Rinse Aid Dispenser$179
    Shorted / Burned Wire$179-$249
    Soap Dispenser$179
    Spray Arm Bearing$179
    Spray Arm(s)$179
    Sump Pump$179-$209
    Thermal Fuse$179
    Vent Fan Motor$209
    Water Leak$179-$249
    Water Supply Issue$179-$249
    Water Valve$179
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