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Use and Maintenance Tips

It’s Not a Garbage Disposal!

One of the most important steps to ensure maximum Dishwasher Longevity, is properly scraping the food of the dishes before putting them on the dishwasher. Although most of the dishwashers come with a food chopper, they’re designed to break small and soft food particles. Also, the food particles have to go through a fine filter first, so scraping excess food is also important to prevent filters from clogging. If a piece of bone, seeds, or any solid food particle make its way to the dishwasher, it’s very likely that it will clog the pump, damage the food chopper or the Pump Impeller.


Make sure to run cold water until all the food is flushed out.

What to Avoid

If the Garbage Disposal malfunctions make sure you turn it off before attempting anything. After turning the switch “OFF” you can use Pliers or Tongs to attempt to remove any food that might be jamming it. Also, take note that sometimes when jammed, the Garbage Disposal Overload Protector can trip, make sure the switch is “OFF” and press the ‘red(or black) button’ underneath the Disposal, then try it again (applies to most models). Some Garbage Disposal come with an Alan Wrench that you can use to hand-crank it free when it’s jammed. Look underneath for a hole shaped the same as the Alan wrench.

Foods to Avoid

  1. There is a number of biodegradables you need to avoid putting in your Garbage Disposal.
    • Grease, Fats, Oils  – Can stick inside the Garbage Disposal and drain pipes, as they harden when cooled, they can clog the drain and also cause odor over time.
    • Starchy or Expandable Foods – Foods like rice, pasta, corn or other grains can expand and when disposed in large amounts can clog up drain pipes. Also the starch contained within these type of foods can build up in the Garbage Disposal and Drain Pipes. If you decide to dispose those foods anyway, make sure its in small quantities and you do it while running cold water. 
    • Fibrous foods – e.g. egg shells, celery, asparagus, banana peels, potato peels. Fibers tend to tangle around the blades and they can jam the motor. Also they can expand with moisture risking clogging the drain. Although not recommended, you might get away disposing these kind of foods by chopping them in small peaces and putting small amounts at a time while running cold water.
    • Seeds – e.g. Coffee, Nuts. Can build up in the garbage disposal and drain pipes, causing clog.
    • Bleach – Do not use Bleach to Clean Your Garbage Disposal. It will cause grease to harden and it’s very corrosive.


For sanitary reasons and in order to prevent drain pipes and Garbage Disposal from clogging up, it is very important to clean it periodically. There is a lot of easy ways to Clean Your Garbage Disposal, so you can pick one that’s easy and right for you. Easiest way is to clean it with ice cubes twice a week. You can add 1 cup of vinegar to kill odor causing bacteria, or add some citrus peels or oil for a fresh scent. You can also make vinegar ice cubes to have your Homemade Garbage Disposal Cleaning Solution. For more serious cleaning, you can put 1/2 cup of baking soda into the Garbage Disposal, then carefully add 1 cup of vinegar and use the sink stopper to seal it until the fuzzing has stopped. After about five minutes, run some hot or boiling water through until everything is flushed out.


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Yes we can call you 30 minutes before coming to your home so your not stuck waiting for us.

Labor is determined based on the job that needs to be performed, not by the hour.

Check the circuit breaker to make sure you have the correct power to the dryer. On some brands of dryers the motor will run, but will not heat.

The circuit breaker for the dryer is 240 volts and the motor requires 120 volts to operate. The remaining 120 volts is required to power up the element on an electric dryer.

Yes. In most cases we can calibrate oven temperature in the electronic section of your stove.

House Appliance Repair, repairs most major brand washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, ranges, ovens, gas and electric stoves, range hoods and garbage disposals.

After checking to make sure the washer is level, sorting your clothes may be the issue. Sometimes sorting the clothes not only by color but also by the wet weight will eliminate most off balance conditions.

No, House Appliance Repairs have week day service hours, Sunday – Friday: 6:30 – 18:00 and for Saturday: 8:00 – 17:00.

Yes you can. Click here and fill out the form, and a member of the office staff will get in touch with you to schedule a date and time convenient to you.

Yes. All repairs come with a one year part warranty and a 30 day service warranty. Ask about our ‘Preferred Customer Club’ which provides you with unlimited service visits, 10% off on parts and accessories and priority scheduling.

The smell is caused by the grease and food that your oven is burning off. When possible, it is a good idea to create additional ventilation in the kitchen when cleaning your oven, perhaps by opening windows and/or doors.


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