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We repair all brands of home dishwashers at affordable rates. You can visit our Dishwasher Repair Pricing page to learn more about our labor rates for dishwasher repair. For additional details on dishwasher repair service, request a Free Quote and a technician will get back to you via phone/text/e-mail. You will be provided with a detailed estimate on parts and labor for your dishwasher repair. Also, our technicians will be happy to give you simple Do-It-Yourself tips for dishwasher repair and advise on how to move forward.

Maintenance Tips

Scrape the dishes

One of the most important steps to ensure maximum Dishwasher Longevity, is properly scraping the food of the dishes before putting them on the dishwasher. Although most of the dishwashers come with a food chopper, they’re designed to break small and soft food particles. Also, the food particles have to go through a fine filter first, so scraping excess food is also important to prevent filters from clogging. If a piece of bone, seeds, or any solid food particle make its way to the dishwasher, it’s very likely that it will clog the pump, damage the food chopper or the pump impeller.

Periodically clean the pump, filters and spray arms

Over time, food and hard water can build up and partially clog the water ways, causing poor cleaning. Use a brush to scrub the filters, and run water through the spray arms while using a pokey tool to remove all the particles that might be stuck in there. Accessing these parts is fairly easy, refer to the User Manual for more information.

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Don't Overload

If the dishwasher is packed with dishes that can restrict the water flow causing poor cleaning. You also always want to make sure that silverware or dishes did not slip through the dishwasher rack, if something blocks the spray arm it will cause poor cleaning or even a leak.

Removing Buildup, Smells or Mold

Buildups will result with poor cleaning, also cause glasses to be sparkly or cloudy after wash. To remove buildups and smells you can use an acid like White Vinegar, Tang, Lemon juice or Lemon Powder. If the solution your using is liquid, like vinegar, pour a cup or two on a glass and place it in the top rack. You can also pour it in the bottom of the dishwasher (note: most dishwashers drain first when started, wait till its finished, when it starts filling pause it and pour the solution). If your using powder, you need to put it in the soap dispenser.

After that run the dishwasher through a quick cycle, it is also advised to pause the dishwasher mid-cycle for 20/30 mins so the solution your using can do its magic. Finally, running one last cycle with bleach will get rid of any mold or mildew and ensure that your dishes are sanitized and spotless. If your dishwasher is Stainless Steel, then do not use bleach, use a product like Tang instead. Also remember to not mix bleach with any acid. You should also spray bleach or tang and wipe the corners (gasket area, bottom of dishwasher) or even the outside to remove or prevent smell and mold buildup.

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What Our Clients Often Asks:

Yes we can call you 30 minutes before coming to your home so your not stuck waiting for us.

Labor is determined based on the job that needs to be performed, not by the hour.

Check the circuit breaker to make sure you have the correct power to the dryer. On some brands of dryers the motor will run, but will not heat.

The circuit breaker for the dryer is 240 volts and the motor requires 120 volts to operate. The remaining 120 volts is required to power up the element on an electric dryer.

Yes. In most cases we can calibrate oven temperature in the electronic section of your stove.

House Appliance Repair, repairs most major brand washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, ranges, ovens, gas and electric stoves, range hoods and garbage disposals.

After checking to make sure the washer is level, sorting your clothes may be the issue. Sometimes sorting the clothes not only by color but also by the wet weight will eliminate most off balance conditions.

No, House Appliance Repairs have week day service hours, Sunday – Friday: 6:30 – 18:00 and for Saturday: 8:00 – 17:00.

Yes you can. Click here and fill out the form, and a member of the office staff will get in touch with you to schedule a date and time convenient to you.

Yes. All repairs come with a one year part warranty and a 30 day service warranty. Ask about our ‘Preferred Customer Club’ which provides you with unlimited service visits, 10% off on parts and accessories and priority scheduling.

The smell is caused by the grease and food that your oven is burning off. When possible, it is a good idea to create additional ventilation in the kitchen when cleaning your oven, perhaps by opening windows and/or doors.


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If you are not sure if you want to repair or replace your appliance, request a Free Quote and one of our technicians will get back to you with a detailed quote of what to expect and advise on how to move forward. Answering time depends on the technicians availability, and it might take anywhere from 15 minutes to 12 hours to respond.


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